[1] You must be a fan of Opeth, goes without saying?

[2] You must supply a valid email address and country. Your application will not be processed if you fail to specify all three things; If it is later discovered that your email address is invalid, you will be completly removed from this fanlisting.

[3] You don't have to have a website to join, but if you do, please grab a code and link it to the site. The website you provide cannot be pornographic or hateful.

[4] If you specify a name such as "SwEEtGirL8376" I will either shorten the name, or list you as Anonymous. Also, I do not list Surnames (aka Last names). If you specify a Surname, I will remove it, listing only your first name.

[5] And now you can go to the joining form. Look at point [4], there is bolded word: Anonymous. Click on it to go to the joining form.